Asgardians of the Galaxy a.k.a. Thor Ragnarok

Holy Odin’s Ravens!!!

How amazing is the trailer for Thor Ragnarok (or as I’m actively going to call it thanks to my friend Ryan: “Asgardians of the Galaxy“)

I’ve not been excited for a Thor movie in a long time. And, though I did enjoy the first one enough, let’s be honest: they’ve been pretty weak. This one looks like it will be more fun, and actually be a bit more about Thor than his (insanely handsome) brother Loki.

As you too may have noticed, Marvel went for a more 80’s VHS-Future feel that reminds me and a few other folks I know of the surprise (even a surprise to Marvel I’m sure) 2014 hit that was Guardians of the Galaxy. Bitchin’ soundtrack aside, the movie has a lot of great looking elements and style. And more pops of color that (to me) bring the extraterrestrial Marvel movies together. I am truly excited to see a more cohesive palette of colors as we head into the Infinity War. Additionally, I am hella excited for Valkyrie and Hela (oh the terrible puns I will be making)! Hel is one of my favorite Norse mythology characters (mostly because I was introduced to her in K.A. Applegate’s post Animorphs series Everworld). And Valkyrie is SERIOUS cosplay goals right now! I love her armor and the shot of her dragging Thor around with the smirk? GURRRRL! I’m here for it! Also, Jeff Goldblum’s Grandmaster and Dr. Strange are in it too!!!

And the Hulk bit? Frakking PRICELESS!!! “He’s a friend from work!” gets me every time I watch the trailer (which has been a lot)!

What are your thoughts on the trailer? Are you stoked for it?

It Follows (A Scaredy Cat Review)


Back for another Halloween season this is your friendly neighborhood Scaredy Cat! This season I knew the first spoopy film I needed to see was It Follows. As always, this will be spoiler-filled, and as such I’m going to tell you right now: I recommend checking it out. So if you’ve been wanting to…maybe pin this post for later or something? But if you’re a scaredy cat and want some deets first then read on, homie!


I’ve wanted to see this film for a long time as it is often recommended.

It Follows follows our heroine/Final Girl Jay as she tries to outrun the STD to end all STD’s! After a seemingly innocent night of sex with a random end of summer fling named Hugh, Jay contracts the STG (Sexually Transmitted Ghost). Hugh tells Jay (in one of the scariest ways possible-see pic below) a set a “rules” about how the STG moves.itfollows-learningtherules

It will pursue her and anyone else who contracts it. He tells her it has an ability to think (“It’s smart”) and that it can disguise itself as anyone, even someone she knows living or dead, and that the STG moves at a walk. Believe it or not, I found the walking to be one of the most disturbing aspects of the monster (its why I hate zombies…and Pepe Le Pew).

As the movie progresses we see Jay being haunted while she is with her sister, Kelly, and her friends Paul, Greg, and, Yara. But,only those who have contracted the STG can see the ghost, so at first every one thinks she is going crazy. Eventually, Jay and Co. seek out Jeff (aka Hugh–a fake name he used just so he could pass the STG on) and we find out that it is good to not have two folks with the STG in the same place because once the most recent contractor is dead, the person they contracted it from is next.  The gang goes back to their town and hangs out at a boat house (?) but of course, the notorious STG finds Jay, and, in an attempts to escape, Jay ends up being hospitalized (s**t!). Because she’s on a gurney, her friend Greg has sex with her to make sure she is safe (and cause he likes her too I’m sure). But Greg (inevitably) loses his life do to a mis-step. Jay tries one more time to pass on the STG, and when that doesn’t work she and her remaining friends have to create a plan.


The mastermind is Paul who has been mad-crushing on Jay since they were kids, and the plan is to end the semi-corporeal-but-invisible ghosty. They end up shooting the STG in the head, and though the altercation seems to be successful with a pool being filled with blood.

In the end it appears as though Paul and Jay might be safe. Except for maybe you know…that dude walking behind them. It’s left open which I like…and hate.

I really enjoyed the fact that the movie seemed to be a giant nod to the horror movie trope of “have sex and you die.” But, It Follows also turns the trope on its head as one of the sure fire ways to prolong your life is to have sex with more people.

Another interesting point to me is the STG itself. Some it’s incarnations are especially disturbing, such as the girl that breaks into the kitchen, and the tall gaunt guy. I believe some of them are former victims of the STG, and, that it also seems shows how they got the STG (kitchen girl is especially disturbing and heartbreaking).

Additionally: is this a parallel earth? At first we might think the kids are all a bunch of hipster with their old school style. But then we see Yara’s seashell compact which is also maybe a phone and is definitely an e-reader and flashlight?


WTF mate? I’m glad we don’t live on an earth with a monstrous ghosty STD…but I would really like one of the shell-phone-things shipped to me inter-dimensionally! Also, the inability to place what time this is in adds to the disturbing nature of the film as though it’s a small way to make you feel even more off guard.

Lastly, the thing I loved most about the movie was of course: the music!


Holy crow! it was pitch perfect! the movie was not particularly gory but with a haunting story of a killer that can’t be reasoned with the thing that needs to set things a part is the mood. Rich Vreeland aka Disasterpeace made the score seem to be not only a great way to make the movie hard to date, but also paid homage to classic horror movie scores like Halloween! After seeing  It Follows, I feel like Stranger Things took a cue from the score. I plan on getting this score (no surprise, right?)!

Overall? I would HIGHLY recommend checking out It Follows! It had a great pace, and wonderful way of building suspense that was unique yet familiar! Please be sure to check it out!

5/5 Scaredy Cats
5/5 Scaredy Cats


Geek Out Together #10 – SDCC 2016 Special (Part One)


We’re back! After a long, long hiatus, The Nerdy Rebellion gang is back with a brand new episode of Geek Out Together. We got together after all of our SDCC 2016 shenanigans including hauls, parties, and general nerdiness, to talk about it all. This is part one of two, so sit back, listen and enjoy!


Cartoon Network To Air JUSTICE LEAGUE ACTION This Fall

In a world where Teen Titans GO! exists and isn’t so well received, Cartoon Network decided it’d be a good idea to pick up yet another DC related show in the same vein called Justice League Action.

“Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman lead the DC Comics Super Heroes against their most infamous foes in adventures packed with relentless thrills, fun and action. No need to wait for the good stuff to start, each eleven-minute episode jumps in with lightning-paced action and heroics. Whether defending the Earth, facing invaders from space, or battling the bizarre forces of magic, the always-rotating team of Justice League heroes, are up to any challenge.

The show will air in 11-minute installments much like GO! and without a doubt will most likely be just as campy and ridiculous. Don’t get me wrong, there are some GO! episodes that are utterly hilarious but for the most part the show is so out of the box that it can be a little off-putting and annoying sometimes.



The best thing about the show is that much like Teen Titans GO! we will be having some of our favorites return to do voices. Not only will we have Kevin Conroy back as Batman but Mark Hamill will return as the Joker. James Woods is set to voice Lex Luthor and Diedrich Bader as Booster Gold. Not bad, right?

Blue Beetle, Harley Quinn, Shazam, Big Barda, Lobo and more are set to make appearances in the show as well.

Like I said, GO! has some moments where I find the show to be funny but I am in agreement with most of the people that don’t like it in that it REALLY wasn’t necessary to dumb the show down to that level just to appeal to children. I know PLENTY of children who enjoyed and still enjoy the original Teen Titans show. Justice League Action seems appealing to say the least and I will try to give it a chance. After all, despite not being as wacky and out of the box as GO! we’ve seen some great success with DC Super Hero Girls so who knows, it might be good.

HER UNIVERSE Docu-Series Debuts on Comic-Con HQ

For those who have been waiting patiently for The Her Universe Fashion Show: Fashion Meets Fandom, the brand new docu-series debuting on Comic-Con HQ, to release, wait no more because the series is officially live on  Comic-Con HQ. Two episodes are kicking off this premiere and fans are already abuzz with excitement over it. The show follows 27 designers as they prepare for the once in a life time chance of debuting their outfits during the Her Universe Fashion Show that happens annually during San Diego Comic Con. Get more info below!


A brand new docu-series, The Her Universe Fashion Show: Fashion Meets Fandom premieres TODAY exclusively on Comic-Con HQ – the new digital network and streaming video-on-demand destination for San Diego Comic-Con. Starring Ashley Eckstein (Founder of Her Universe), the series follows twenty-seven aspiring fashion designers chosen to compete in the world’s top “geek couture” fashion show taking place on July 21st at San Diego Comic-Con. Three contestants (two chosen live at the event, one by online vote) will win the opportunity to design a fashion collection with Her Universe sold exclusively at leading pop culture retailer, Hot Topic. Over the next four weeks, get to know each of our contestants, their designs, and their dreams as we follow them from conception to catwalk live at Comic-Con. Series created by Ashley Eckstein and Jennifer Tisdale. Co-produced by Blondie Girl Productions.


Sign up for Comic-Con HQ here!

Until Dawn (A Scaredy Cat Video Game Review)

Until Dawn ButterflyEffect

For those of you on a newer generation console, you know the struggle for a multi-player game is real. And today I am NOT reviewing a multiplayer game either. Well, not technically.

However, I will say one thing: Until Dawn is a GREAT survival game, made better if played by you and your partner or at least one other person! And, possibly more epic as a drinking game. Yes. A Drinking Game.

Until Dawn is a horror survival game with a dash of  “mystery”, that hinges on your decisions to make sure the main characters survive their getaway…until dawn (said in my Will Smith “say the title” voice).

I was told to try out the game by a co-worker who said to check it out, and play it with The Tenor (my husband) as a way to see how we would make decisions, and to play it in the dark cause it’s terrifying. We ended up purchasing it!!!

Without giving too much away (and not being done with the game round one, yet) we have already killed off one person successfully…not a brag as the point is to help all 8 of the teens survive.

The game gets a bit gory, and has a supernatural twist worthy of an investigation from Grimm’s Nick Burkhardt! There are PLENTY of jump scares for everyone (take a sip of that vodka, honey). I have legit yelped at some of the jump scares in the game. Ok, I yelled…I yelled at my TV. I can only wonder what the neighbors think considering there’s horror music and sounds plus my yelling.

The graphics can get a bit awkward at times as the game does have a limit on what all you can interact with. But I guess I can understand that, as it’s the control for you.

I would also suggest making your controller be responsive for your torches in the game. It will make it EXTRA eerie!!!

But guys: it’s so much fun!!!

If you have a Playstation 4, do yourself a favor, and get the game!

Until Dawn

And, make it more interesting by playing with your partner, best friends, and (if you’re able to) some alcoholic beverages 😉

I also plan on trying to have a get together where we play the game this way, to see what happens!

Warcraft: A Spoiler-Free Review

Warcraft PosterI’ve not played Warcraft/World of Warcraft. But I’ve been exposed to it via people I love. In fact, my brother playing WoW might be one of the factors that led me to my husband as they played this game together. In fact, the game has a bit of spot in my heart…both warm, and icy cold, but that’s not why we’re here.

My brother, C, and, my husband, The Tenor both have told me a lot about the lore, as well as some manga I’ve read via Tokyopop. I LOVE high fantasy as a movie genre, and since the end of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy (LotR) and Harry Potter (HP) movies I’ve been jonesing for a decent fantasy flick. One that isn’t so “Asylum”/SyFy Original Feature level of corny and…well, poor graphics (looking at you too, OUaT).

Last year in Hall H the hype. Got. REAL! I cannot recall a time when the sides of the cavernous “room” (stadium might be more accurate) were utilized. Legendary brought it’s A-game and I’ve been excited ever since. But I did not have any faith or hope in the cast or script. I just thought I’d have a good time.

The synopsis of the movie from the official site: “The peaceful realm of Azeroth stands on the brink of war as its civilization faces a fearsome race of invaders: orc warriors fleeing their dying home to colonize another. As a portal opens to connect the two worlds, one army faces destruction and the other faces extinction. From opposing sides, two heroes are set on a collision course that will decide the fate of their family, their people, and their home.

Warcraft is easily the best video game adapted to a movie ever (well, so far…I’m waiting for Assassin’s Creed this December)! I realize this isn’t saying much, because it’s also NOT the Marvel Cinematic Universe, nor Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight (of which I will forever sing it’s well deserved praises not merely as a “movie” but as a f**king “FILM”).

While the cast are not “no names” they also aren’t A-List…which works brilliantly, as it lets them shine in their roles, and, lends to their portrayals being just their characters. I also enjoyed the fact that SO MUCH HAPPENS! It left no time for bulls**t plot devices and f**kery!

Characters acted within their established personas responses…it was natural, but STILL progressed the plot. Doubt & skepticism wasn’t just there for “needed” dramatic tension. It was based on the actions of a character. In fact one could argue that there was one point where there should have been doubt for Garona (half orc woman) but, as she is addressed by Lady Taria, we find out that Azeroth (the world where the orcs travel to) has lived in peace with all people and races and species, and that everyone has something they need and usually those things are common amongst each other. I found this extremely relevant to things in the news today, and the movie handled it in a way that wasn’t preachy, nor did it shy away from this (plus, it’s a part of the lore, so whether it’s intentional or not I guess that might not matter to some, but it did to me).

Additionally, the CGI was GREAT! Occasionally I have a difficult time immersing in this, as I’m a huge fan of location-shooting, practical effects, and realism. But this is a BIG FANTASY EPIC!!! And the CGI was actually immersive enough and in IMAX 3D? OMG! It’s lush!!! I’m going to recommend that you pay that extra bit for at least IMAX…and if you can stomach 3D, do it!

The part I was most excited for in Warcraft was Weta’s props! And they were beautiful. They had even made props for the CG characters. The armor, the swords, the hammers, the flintlock pistol: all of it was beautiful! I loved the detail in the designs, and the differentiation between the Orcs clans weapons, and–seperately–the king and his guards swords and armor. BY THE WAY: the royal guard has PoC, and WOMEN!!! Eat that Game of Thrones!!!! (also the queen is black! Again I say: EAT THAT GAME OF THRONES!)

Yes, this movie does require you to suspend some belief (diversity should not be one of those, I’m talking about griffins and sh*t). But that’s fantasy…so, if that’s not your thing, this might not be fun for you (not a diss, I just know some people that’s not their thing…like me with most sports movies). There are some cheesy bits, but not enough to take away for me. Also, the script is a bit dense (see: not overburdened) but the movie lets action speak for it. This I could see being frustrating if you think you’re going into a LotR’s-esque movie full of beautiful and verbose dialogue. This ISN’T this kind of fantasy movie. It’s more action-based, and, moving sh*t forward; which worked for me!

The only thing I wish hadn’t been included is Lothar’s family “issues”. But I haven’t read the canonical source material (though I plan to) so maybe it’s more important than I felt it was. But, I’m also sick of that sort of thing (sorry this isn’t very descriptive, but I’m trying to keep things spoiler free).

Overall, I would say go see it! Be excited for possible sequels, which is honestly a good feeling to have at the end of the movie. It doesn’t end on a cliffhanger, but, I was left wanting more!

I would suggest skipping looking at Rotten Tomatoes for this too. The movie was a great fantasy flick. It was fun, and had a dedication to it’s story it wanted to tell, and dedication to the characters! I didn’t know a lot (like who was who) going in…I just had heard about the orcs and Azeroth. The movie does fill in most of the blanks, and the ones it does not are worthy of a sequel, and, if you go with a friend that’s ever played, they’ll tell you, and you’ll see WHY a sequel  would be bitchin’!

I give it 6.5-7/10 **PEW-PEW**s from a blaster pistol! Not perfect by any means, but damn it’s fun to watch!Blaster Pistol